A fellow guest and fan of #BronyCon put together a “BronyCon 2014 Survival Guide”. We wanted to share it because it makes some excellent points. We recommend all our guests coming to BronyCon, to have a read over at http://www.ronaldhennessy.com/blog/2014/7/17/bronycon-2014-survival-guide

"Be sure to sleep, eat and shower!"

I’m so glad this was the first thing they mentioned I wanted to see if it was just that because MAN nothing is worse than a stanky ass convention hallway. Keep your stank to yourself no one else wants to share it

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don’t you fucking test me i will draw this porn i swear to god


i’m doing it


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I completely forgot I ever painted Shinji, whoops.

I’m currently dying right now between work and con prep…_(:3 7 sorry if I go quiet for a little while. If you’re going to Anime Expo, please visit me in the Artist Alley at A-46!

Hope to see you soon~! Hello California~!

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46 | Waning Moon

And in the pale glow of the waning moon, they danced…

Hinootora made me rewatch Princess Tutu two months ago and somehow I had to draw fanart. This anime still gives me feels, okay?! jcasnckanckaccs. [wip, ref]

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What the fuck am I even watching anymore

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So I had the idea of mashing up all three versions of “Happy”… this was the result. :u

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i love the idea that, if you don’t know about princess tutu, when i tell you that this is my hardcore otp and i have a lot of feelings about it and, no, seriously, i ship it and i want them to smooch forever and i want fic and all the works

you’d probably go “….wtf wtf wtf” at me.

princess tutu is magical ok

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